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NameGenderNewspaperDate    Location
H., P.   Female   Daily Press   May 4, 1906  p. 01
H., Ward Karl   Male   Shipyard Bullet   May 13, 1943  p. X
Ha, Alice Phuong-Mai   Female   Daily Press   Jan 16, 1987  p. B6
Haag, Alfred Hoover   Male   Daily Press   Mar 9, 1918  p. 02
Haag, Augustus   Male   Daily Press   Jul 22, 1924  p. 06
Haag, Clarence J.   Male   Daily Press   Sep 21, 1986  p. C6
Haag, Daniel   Male   Daily Press   Apr 20, 1985  p. E4
Haag, Frank   Male   Daily Press   Apr 13, 1915  p. 03
Haag, Jr., Richard G.   Male   Daily Press   Aug 9, 1987  p. C7
Haak, Albert E   Male   Daily Press   Sep 3, 1977  p. 8
Haak, Albert E   Male   Daily Press   Sep 4, 1977  p. a8
Haakonsen, A.   Male   Times Herald   Sep 9, 1913  p. 01
Haakonsen, Captain A.   Male   Daily Press   Sep 9, 1913  p. 02
Haan, Jr, Willem P   Male   Daily Press   Dec 30, 1964  p. 24
Haan, Jr, Willem Pieter   Male   Daily Press   Dec 29, 1964  p. 3
Haas, Capt Charles Gustavus   Male   Daily Press   Feb 27, 1943  p. 2
Haas, Catherine C.   Female   Daily Press   Feb 22, 1921  p. 07
Haas, Chester   Male   Daily Press   Jan 1, 1940  p. 5
Haas, Edith Worsham   Female   Daily Press   Nov 1, 1969  p. 21
Haas, Edward   Male   Daily Press   Aug 19, 1968  p. 14
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